5 Ways Your Car Is Telling You It’s Time for New Spark Plugs

Small but Mighty, Spark Plugs Are Necessary for Vehicle Health Spark plugs are small but necessary for a healthy, running vehicle. They provide the spark needed to trigger combustion in your engine. Most spark plugs are designed to last up to 100,000 miles, but our experts recommend checking them as part of your routine maintenance

Keeping Your Car Healthy

Tips From the Dickerson’s Service Team Despite the relatively easy driving conditions in Creedmoor, North Carolina, residents should still stay on top of their car’s basic maintenance tasks so they can max out the life of their car and keep it running at its highest performance. Failing to do so will have you coming to

Signs of Transmission Trouble

Signs of Transmission Trouble 3 Things You Don’t Want Happening to Your Transmission You never want to drive around with a faulty transmission. Metal shavings can chip off and enter the coolant, meaning you will soon have much more extensive issues on your hands. You need to be aware of the signs of a damaged