Keeping Your Car Healthy

Tips From the Dickerson’s Service Team

Despite the relatively easy driving conditions in Creedmoor, North Carolina, residents should still stay on top of their car’s basic maintenance tasks so they can max out the life of their car and keep it running at its highest performance. Failing to do so will have you coming to an auto repair shop (like us!) a lot sooner than you’d like. Wondering what you can do to improve your preventative car maintenance? If so, check out Dickerson’s Service Center’s three suggestions for keeping your car healthy!

Check Those Brakes!

There are two things to listen for when determining if your brakes are healthy: squeaking and grinding. If your brakes start squeaking, you should consider switching out your brake pads. Many brakes have a small steel spring attached which will scrape the disc once it’s worn down. It’s used as a warning for drivers. If, however, you hear grinding when you use your brakes: stop your vehicle immediately and get your brakes changed as soon as possible. This means the brake pads have completely worn off and the steel that was covered by the pads are now rubbing against the rotor disc. This can cause tremendous damage to your brake calipers and rotor discs and leave you with a huge repair bill.

Inspect Your Tires

Another way to make sure your car is road-ready is keeping your tires healthy. A poorly maintained tire could leave you on the side of the road. When checking your tires, always look for a good depth in tire tread and proper PSI levels.

For tire tread, try the quarter trick! Using a quarter, place the coin in the middle, inner, and outside treads of your tire (head first!). If the head of our founding father is visible in any section, it’s time for you to get new tires. Ideally, your tire should have the whole head of George Washington covered!

For PSI levels, you always want to make sure that the tire pressure is in between 30-35 PSI. Anything lower will require your car to work harder to get it moving which will lower its fuel efficiency. Anything higher will increase its chances of popping, especially on a hot day when your car has already been running for a few hours.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

You never know what kind of weather the day will bring in Creedmoor, North Carolina. It’s good to make sure when it is raining, you have clear visibility to safely navigate the roads. If you see smear marks while your wiper blades are operating or they are cracked/warped, it’s time to get new blades. You can find plenty of options online or at your local auto shop!

By on December 18th, 2020 in Auto Repair