Signs of Transmission Trouble

Signs of Transmission Trouble

3 Things You Don’t Want Happening to Your Transmission

You never want to drive around with a faulty transmission. Metal shavings can chip off and enter the coolant, meaning you will soon have much more extensive issues on your hands. You need to be aware of the signs of a damaged transmission so that you can pursue transmission repair as quickly as possible. Use these tips from the pros at Dickerson’s Service Center in Creedmoor, North Carolina, to help you.

Weird Sounds

For cars with manual transmissions, you don’t want to hear abrupt grinding noises any time you shift gears. Automatic transmissions are more likely to emit a humming, buzzing, or whining sound when they start to malfunction. Any odd sounds coming from your vehicle are cause for concern, and you should not wait to bring your car to a mechanic for inspection and service.

Fluid Leaks

The easiest way to tell that your car requires transmission repair is a fluid leak. Unlike motor oil and other fluids in your vehicle, the transmission does not burn up or otherwise consume any fluid when it is in use. That means if your car starts to run low on transmission fluid, then you have a leak somewhere in the system. You may have a leak due to a worn seal, damaged bell housing, or imbalanced drive shaft. Leaks are bad for your car and the environment, so get professional help ASAP.

Warning Light Illuminates

Many modern cars contain sensors that will alert you when a problem comes up. One of the most common dashboard lights you will see is the transmission temperature gauge. When this turns on, it means your transmission fluid has gotten extremely hot. You need to cool it down immediately, and you need to see a professional and make sure nothing else has gone wrong with your vehicle.

You can trust your next transmission repair with the experts at Dickerson’s Service Center. Our ASE certified technicians will repair your vehicle to get it working as good as new. Contact us today if you need an estimate, or you want to learn more about our 24-month/24,000-mile warranty.

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